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What Is The Best Crypto Trading App?

We are biased at Cove Markets, of course, but we believe our app is the best. We think so because we offer a number of features that other sites, such as Robinhood Crypto, do not have.

  • Access To Many Coins.  See full list here
  • Access To Multiple Exchanges
  • Best Price Execution to prevent or minimize slippage in crypto
  • Order Types, such as Pegged Top, are also designed to minimize crypto slippage
  • Trailing Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders
  • Coming Soon;  Do-It-Yourself Crypto Index Fund and Pre-Defined Index Portfolios

Start Trading Today, It Is Easy AF.



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  • Access more coins

  • Invest in a portfolio of coins - coming soon!

  • Trade smarter

  • Save money

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