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What is the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In Today?

This is a hard question to answer.  There are many digital assets on the market that have advantages and disadvantages.  At Cove Markets, we offer an easy way to build a cryptocurrency portfolio.  Soon, we will release a feature that will make it easy to build a do-it-yourself cryptocurrency index fund.

However, here is a very short list of some of the cryptocurrencies we find interesting.  This is not investment advice, just our opinion of the projects we like.


Bitcoin ( BTC ) relies on a proof of work consensus algorithm.  It is the most decentralized and the most stable cryptocurrency.  


Ethereum ( ETH )  is currently proof of work, but is in the process of switching to proof of stake.  Ethereum natively supports smart contracts and makes it easy to setup features like NFTs ( non fungible tokens ) and other kinds of tokens natively.


Solana is designed to have high performance and support very large number of transactions per second.  It's not as decentralized as bitcoin, but could support many more applications where two parties do not rely on a third party to conduct transactions and also need lots of transactions per second to go through.


Avalanche  ( AVAX ) is a blockchain created by a team of computer science professors from Cornell.  It is a proof of stake blockchain that manages to be both fast ( performant ) and preserve true decentralization, so it may be an interesting competitor to Solana.  We don't yet support AVAX trading, but may add it in the future.


Cove Markets makes it very easy to invest in the above coins.  Just create an account today and start trading for free.


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