The Trader Top 9: Things Are Getting Hot


Welcome back to another Trader Top 9! This week, we’re discussing the S&P500’s return to the black, DeFi’s continued rapid ascent, and more!

9. First up, a quick recommended follow. Sahil Bloom has been tearing up Twitter with his concise, easy to understand explanations of the key concepts people are debating. If you’ve ever felt left out of a conversation, this is an account for you

8. Okay, now let's get into it. The week kicked off with the S&P500 reclaiming new all time highs and completely erasing the COVID-19 crash 

7. As we’ve seen throughout the year, however, this isn’t really a story of overall success, but instead of consolidation into tech

6. While there are plenty of bull signals, some think that we might see a slight pause

5. Meanwhile, whatever is happening in stocks, the crypto markets keep exploding, and even now features the lead real revolutionary himself, Dave Portnoy. Not everyone thinks he’s a net value add, however…

4. Indeed it’s hard to ignore the rise in signals that things are getting hot  

3. The crazy assent of DeFi as some prominent members of the community urging that people revisit their fundamental underlying values 

2. It’s times like these where many come back to the thing they know and is clear: the value proposition of bitcoin outside any fly by night narrative or FUD 

1. If you’d have made that bet over a long period, you’d be very happy! 


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