CoveTrader Trading Fee Promotion


At Cove Markets, we believe in traders always getting the best possible price available in the market. How do we do that?

1. No hidden fees.

It doesn't cost anything to open an account on our platform. Simply login and your account is open. Then follow the wizard to add exchange API keys and you're ready to trade and use our platform.

2. Get the best price in the market every time.

If you choose to connect multiple exchange accounts, set Exchange to ALL when placing an order and let CoveTrader do the work. We take into account price, fees, and liquidity in order to make sure you get filled at the Best Price available in the market.

3. Reimbursing exchange fees.

Cove Markets is offering a monthly trading fee promotion of up to $10,000 with a limit of $100 per user, payable in bitcoin. Users must generate a minimum of $5 in trading fees to participate.

Cove Markets reserves the right to modify, cancel or extend this promotion at any time by notice on its website.  Participation is limited to one account per customer.  Self-reported fees are subject to verification by Cove Markets.  Qualifications for rebates and the amount of any rebate shall be determined by Cove Markets and shall be final and conclusive.  Promotion participation shall be limited as required by applicable law and void when prohibited by law.  Rebates are only payable in bitcoin, and solely on orders placed through Cove Markets.  Rebates are non-transferable, are payable only to the account on which the rebate was earned, and only if the account remains open at the time payable, which may be up to 60 days after the end of the promotion.


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