The Trader Top 9: An Extremely Bullish Week


Welcome back to another edition of the Trader Top 9! It was an extremely bullish week, with some seriously delightful converts to the cause.

9. First, let’s check in on the wacky world of DeFi that has been so entertaining. The big battle between Uniswap and SushiSwap took another turn when Uniswap launched its governance token. Some think this may be bullish even for ETH.

8. By the way, the minutes-later Binance listing has to be one of the fastest ever, right?

7. DeFi not your thing? Maybe you’re more macro. If so, sorry to disappoint but Jerome Powell and the FOMC didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know.

6. In fact, as Castle Island’s Nic Carter put it, the Fed is basically trapped when it comes to policy decisions. 

5. But wait, we said it was a big bullish week. That has to be more than Fed nothing news, right? First of all, bitcoin did BlockFi Zac a solid and nudged back up over $11k, albeit briefly

4. Next, we got word that OG bitcoin exchange Kraken had won approval to be the first crypto exchange to become a US bank 

3. With hash rate at or near all time highs, Preston shows the irrelevance of any mining death spiral FUD 

2. After a turn on the Pomp Podcast, none other than Jim Cramer himself is a bit coiner..

1. And a month after their first big announcement, MicroStrategy (MSTR) was back to share that they had moved not just the original planned $250m of cash into bitcoin - but an additional $175m for a total of $425m! Their share price was up 9% on the news 


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