The Trader Top 9: Bitcoin and Elections


Wowww, what a wild week. As you might imagine, the discussion is pretty big picture as we contemplate new possibilities and large scale change.

9. First, let’s start at the much more innocent times of last week. Saturday was the 12 year anniversary of Satoshi’s Bitcoin white paper. Nic Carter reflects.

8. Then there was the setup going into Tuesday’s election. There has been a MAJOR increase in the discussion of central bank digital currencies from outside the normal crypto sphere.

7. No matter who would go on to win, there were big structural economic issues lurking

6. And as everyone was focused on the elections, the rug was pulled out from under Ant’s would-be record IPO, in a major show of geopolitical power

5. As the election results waiting set in, many were debating the future of economic policy

4. Others were debating why polls got things so wrong and prediction markets looked much more correct

3. Still others, however, were recognizing a new asset whose fortune has changed dramatically since the last election

2. These investors may not be the loudest on Twitter, but they’re certainly there

1. We couldn’t agree with Alex Kruger more. This rally is strong and built on something different.


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