The Trader Top 9: Bitcoin Hits New 2020 Highs As PayPal Announces Crypto Support


Welcome back to an extremely bullish Trader Top 9 during what feels like a break out week.

9. We started the week with the close of an old crypto chapter - the SEC vs Kik. In some ways, it feels like part of the true end of the ICO era. 

8. We also saw the continued emergence of MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor as one of the space’s fiercest and most well spoken advocates 

7. And speaking of MicroStrategy, another public company (this time in the UK) announced its intention to move 10% of its treasury reserves into BTC

6. By the beginning of the week, things were starting to turn bullish - although the upside of the bitcoin price was downside for other cryptos

5. And then this happened

4. Buying, selling and shopping with cryptos - spread across PayPal’s 346m users and 26m network merchants 

3. The energy was electric. It wasn’t hard to imagine the memo’s flying around other financial institutions 

2. And more than likely, those memos have some different numbers and different expectations than they might have before 

1. Who knows what will happen with the price in the short term, but for now, it feels like the beginning of something


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