The Trader Top 9: Dalio vs. Druckenmiller


Welcome back to another Trader Top 9, in which we see some serious intellectual and financial fire power joining the fray.

9. First, some signs of life in DeFi, which has cooled since the craziness of the summer.

8. Still most of the attention this week was on BTC. Check out this great thread about why we’re seeing more corporate treasury stewards look to bitcoin as a reserve asset

7. Then check out these comments from a well know value investor (not something you traditionally associate with bitcoin #ratpoison).

6. Then again, not everyone is convinced. Ray Dalio came out with some bitcoin FUD that frankly felt stuck a few years old. Bitcoiners were all too happy to point to the tail of the tape. 

5. Of course, the real big news was legendary Stan Druckenmiller discussing why he was long bitcoin.

4. Druckenmiller went so far as to say that “if the gold trade works, the bitcoin trade will probably work better.” This opened up that old debate all over again. 

3. All in all, it’s hard not to be impressed when you look at the growing list of BTC believers. 

2. And it’s not just billionaires who are excited - this week saw some of the highest active addresses of all time.

1. It’s funny to think back to the beginning of March, when, for the umpteenth time in its life, bitcoin was declared dead. How many more times before everyone finally gets it?


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