The Trader Top 9: Fidelity, Crypto M&A, and the New Inflation Era


Welcome back to the Trader Top 9! Lots of activity in crypto this week, from large M&A activity to new investment funds, all while the Fed makes a big commitment to inflation.

9. It’s a somewhat strange thing that in a week where prices haven’t been that great, there’s no escaping the bullish sentiment

8. Part of it may be that there is clearly dynamism in the space. Check out, for example, one of the 10 biggest M&A deals ever with FTX buying Blockfolio to go after retail.

7. Over in DeFi land, Aave surged ahead of Maker in total value locked on news that they had received a formal license for the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority

6. That bullish feel could also be coming from demonstrated use. Tether USDT saw more daily transfer volume last quarter than PayPal

5. Central banks are also increasingly looking over at digital assets. The Boston Fed is currently reviewing 30+ blockchains for a digital dollar test

4. Speaking of the Fed, there’s no denying that another part of the reason people feel like this is crypto’s moment is the new inflation era

3. Many are taking the new policies to mean that we’re in a new competitive money printing era

2. Meanwhile over in our neck of the woods, the hits just keep on coming

1. Simply put, it’s hard not to feel like there’s a new wave of people coming to join the bitcoin and crypto party. We say: welcome!


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