The Trader Top 9: The “Quiet Rally” as Bitcoin Market Cap Surges to All Time High


Welcome back to another Trader Top 9, as celebs and Mexican billionaires join the quiet rally...

9. Let’s start in an interesting place - with a discussion of…Ethereum issuance? Yes, the fixed supply issuance driving macro investors to bitcoin is so strong that some are wondering (and worried) about whether Ethereum’s answers will be compelling on that front.

8. While Bitcoin may not yet be back to all time highs in terms of single bitcoin price - there are at least 9 charts that show we're already achieving something new

7. Of course, the most significant of those milestones is market cap all time high

6. The price action has brought out the celebrities - from TV show hosts to hip hop artists - with the most exciting being of course, Arya Stark of Winterfell herself

5. After last week’s interview where he trotted out some frankly pretty tired critiques, Ray Dalio this week tweeted that he was open to being corrected 

4. Meanwhile, Mexio’s third richest man - worth more than $13B - shared that he had 10% of his liquid assets in bitcoin

3. Oh, and a former Coinbase officer was just nominated for a permanent role as the US’s lead bank regulator

2. As Thanksgiving comes around the corner, you have to think that tables will be long HODLer’s and short the skeptics

1. When all is said and done, it’s simply hard not to feel like this time is different.


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