Trader Top 9: Bitcoin Habla Espanol


For those of you who didn't get much sleep last weekend in Miami, we're sorry to report... this week has offered plenty of news to keep you awake. From the shocking recovery of a Bitcoin ransom payment to El Salvador taking steps to adopt Bitcoin as its currency, it's been a wild week so far!

9. The major industry event of the year, Bitcoin 2021, was held last weekend in Miami. Though the price of Bitcoin has taken a beating as of late, there was plenty of enthusiasm and renewed energy around the future of the most transformative asset of our generation with a powerful message for the future.

Sam Bankman-Fried gives his insider account on Miami.

8. Enough with this idea of banning Bitcoin ads... Which is more responsible? Allocating some of your wealth to a disruptive and scarce digital asset or accumulating expensive credit card debt with ridiculous interest rates?

7. In a shocking twist that few anticipated, the US government outsmarted the criminals when they got back the Bitcoin. Much harder to pull off when they use suitcases full of cash in a dark alley.

6. But the BIG NEWS of the week was a revolution in El Salvador, one of the most peaceful revolutions the world has ever seen and one that gives hope to many across the world. Great things can happen when the impossible suddenly becomes possible. Which country will be next and what are the global implications?

5. What's this mean for the US though? Well, at least it's good to have friends in high places.

4. Speaking of Bitcoin holdings, Michael Saylor is a man on a mission. How long can this go on and will more follow after Bitcoin's recent sell off?

3. The force is strong with Senator Lummis. As investors continue to trade on publicly-listed Coinbase, how much longer can the SEC drag their feet on approving an ETF and making bitcoin exposure more accessible to the average investor?

2. Sure Bitcoin is great, but most crypto enthusiasts have spent most of the past year focused on DeFi. The latest investment in Solana from deep pockets shows belief in the power of DeFi solutions and DApp creation.

1. And once again, we see there is a fine line between banning and embracing, rat poison and investment product, bear markets and bull markets as India, a country of 1.4 billion people, once again clarifies its position. Check out Cove Markets and place your bets!

Trading and Investing Thoughts

1. Cardano has been one of the hottest cryptos this year. Careful with your assumptions around correlation. Cove Markets offers more than 20 different cryptos to trade.

2. A great overview on yield farming from Dan Held.

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