Trader Top 9: Bulls on Parade

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Welcome back to another jam-packed Trader Top 9!  My oh my, what a week!  Usually we have a winding narrative for you.  This week is just a full throttle slam the gas parade of bullish news.

9. Let's start right at the top.  We woke up Monday to news that Elon's cryptic tweets were about Bitcoin and that Tesla had taken a $1.5B position.

8. While a handful of the sell-side research firms tried to quickly say that this was unlikely to inspire other CEOs to do the same, Mad Money's Jim Cramer said the opposite.

7. Meanwhile, some of the billionaires who had previously gotten into crypto clarified their takes not only on Bitcoin, but even meme coins like Doge.

6. But then additional companies started dropping hints that Bitcoin might be in their future.  Twitter's CFO went on TV and said that they were considering buying Bitcoin for both their treasury and for paying employees.

5. Then Mastercard announced that it would be bringing crypto payments to its network this year.

4. Then Amazon announced that it was launching a digital currency initiative, starting in Mexico.  

3. Then Consensus announced that Ray Dalio was the keynote speaker for this year's event.  Will Ray get in on the fun and announce a Bitcoin position too?

2. Then BNY Mellon announced it was getting into Bitcoin custody.

1. If you're exhausted after all this exciting news, it's understandable.  Remember that you were here early as all this game-changing news was announced.  You figured it out before some of the smartest, most successful financial minds around the world did.  


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