Trader Top 9: Ethereum Hits A New All Time High


Welcome back to another jam-packed Trader Top 9! This week, we've got more interesting intrigue with institutions interested in crypto, a regulatory changing of the guard, and a new all time high for Ethereum.

9. Former Comptroller of the Currency, Brian Brooks, will go down as one of the most significant regulatory figures in the history of crypto.  On his way out the door, he shared these thoughts.

8. It's not clear what we should expect from the Biden Administration in regards to crypto.  What is clear is that Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, appears comfortable trotting out years old arguments such as crypto being used strictly for crime.

7. Regulatory concerns are one of the key areas that many are watching, and wondering if it will slow down the institutionalization of Bitcoin and crypto.  So far, the answer seems to be "no." Take for example the report last week that Goldman Sachs would soon be entering the crypto custody business.

6. Or the SEC filing from BlackRock - the world's largest asset manager - to invest in Bitcoin futures via two of their funds.

5. As excitement continues to brew around Ethereum and DeFi, some have wondered if ETH would follow BTC's path into these institutional portfolios.  Lyn Alden threw some cold water on the idea.

4. The Mooch concurred that, as of right now, institutions are solely focused on Bitcoin.

3. Which means that Ethereum's momentum to finally hit a new all time high this week was entirely driven by retail investors.

2. Many of whom, of course, are passionate about the world of DeFi - which also hit a new ATH in total value locked.

1. It was only a matter of time, but we're finally seeing the exuberance for ETH that Bitcoin enjoyed throughout much of 2020.


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