Trader Top 9: FinCEN, Ledger, Coinbase IPO, SEC XRP Suit and More


Welcome back to the Trader Top 9 and boy oh boy, we really packed it in for this pre-holiday week!

9. Let's start with the big price news - bitcoin not only punched through $20,000 - but surged all the way up to $24,000 for a time.

8. Continuing the trend of institutions moving into BTC, Jefferies announced it was moving 5% of its gold position into bitcoin

7. Buoyed by the rally, Coinbase announced its long anticipated IPO

6. Some, like Grayscale chief Barry Silbert think that this ends up leading to more M&A across the industry

5. Others pointed to a new stimulus deal as another source of demand for BTC (and boy, it seems like nobody from any political persuasion is happy about this deal).

4. Unfortunately it wasn't all good things this week. Ledger revealed that a previously announced hack was much worse than it seemed -with a wave of personal information leading people to get extremely scary threats to their email and phones.

3. The long rumored last-minute legislation around wallets from Treasury Secretary Mnuchin finally dropped, as well.

2. Not to be out of the lame duck party, outgoing SEC head Jay Clayton appears poised to sue Ripple around XRP

1. But, there are still some fun glimmers for the future - check out, for example, this conversation between MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor and Elon Musk about how TESLA could convert treasury into bitcoin.


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