Trader Top 9: The True Rebellion is Bitcoin and DeFi


Welcome back to another jam-packed Trader Top 9!  Last week, a massive amount of energy was used over the saga of GameStop and WallStreetBets.  As the narrative shifts, however, many are pointing out that it may make more sense to build a new financial system rather than to try to fix the old one.

9. Along those lines, both crypto industry mainstays as well as WallStreetBets adherents started to shift the narrative to Bitcoin and crypto. 

8. Back in our neck of the woods, Ethereum rocketed to a new all-time high, and some shared what they think about the asset's long-term potential.

7. DeFi is also on a tear, setting a new record with over $30B in TVL (total value locked).

6. Even with recent gains, some analysts are even more bullish for the future.

5. We've also seen some new adherents - to ETH and BTC - come out from hiding.

4. Speaking of new people coming into the space, the Coinbase IPO is getting closer every day.

3. But to help get corporations in even faster, Michael Saylor is hosting a conference called "Bitcoin for Corporations."  His opening guest, NYDIG/Stone Ridge's Ross Stevens, was a big hit on Twitter.

2. However, even that wasn't as big as the real news right now that Visa and Anchorage have built an API allowing banks to offer their existing customers crypto services.

1. Maybe it really is as simple as Saylor says.


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