Trader Top 9: WallStreetBets vs the World


Welcome back to another jam-packed Trader Top 9! This week we've seen WallStreetBets take on the world, billionaires show enthusiasm for crypto, and signs that decentralization may be the way of the future.

9. First, let's just give a quick TLDR on the madness that was seen yesterday.

8. For a moment, let's go back in time before the epic WallStreetBets saga and look at what we were discussing as the week began.  Mark Cuban revealed much more crypto activity than anyone previously knew about.

7. In response to a legal attack on the integrity of the Bitcoin white paper, many hosted the document, including Miami - which is making a major push to be a crypto hub.

6. Meltem Demirors, a prominent investor, gave a behind the scenes look at the changes in crypto venture capital.

5. And speaking of investors, look-y look-y who is joining the Bitcoin revolution.

4. But when all is said and done, it's impossible to ignore the big story right now - the battle between WallStreetBets and traditional finance.

3. Balaji pointed out that there is a similar spirit between crypto and WSB.

2. Meanwhile, Dan Tapiero, pointed out that Bitcoin proves that truly free markets work.

1. Still, we have to agree with Qiao here.  Has the need for decentralization ever been more clear?


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