KuCoin Vs Binance: Which Crypto Exchange Is Better For You in 2023 Full Comparision

KuCoin Vs Binance Which Crypto Exchange Is Better

There are so many different investment options for cryptocurrency, it is a tremendously alluring asset. Do you intend to purchase and hold? Are you considering lending cryptocurrencies? The following article will provide objective information about two exchanges, KuCoin vs Binance to help you make the optimal choice for your investment.


KuCoin Vs Binance

You’ll probably discover that KuCoin or Binance better meets your unique needs.

What is Binance?

A platform for exchanging different cryptocurrencies is offered by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Numerous popular coins are supported. Traders can utilize the crypto wallet provided by Binance to store their digital currency.

It places a lot of emphasis on trading alternative coins, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Binance Coin (BNB).

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What is KuCoin?

KuCoin, a global cryptocurrency exchange established in 2017, offers its six million members a variety of trading possibilities. These include loan, staking, futures, spot, margin, and peer-to-peer trading.

Pros and Cons



  • Earning interest on cryptocurrency: KuCoin users have the option of earning interest on their cryptocurrency by staking particular assets or by lending them to others and charging interest.
  • Numerous cryptocurrency options: Unlike some exchanges, KuCoin offers over 600 coins that can be traded.
  • Cheap trading fees: KuCoin has relatively low trading fees when compared to other significant exchanges. Users should budget between 0.0125% and 0.10% for each trade.


  • Due to KuCoin’s lack of U.S. licensing, users in this country should look into alternative exchanges.
  • Negative customer evaluations are usual for cryptocurrency exchanges, but KuCoin’s user reviews are particularly bad. Reviewers mention troubles with customer service, market manipulation, and withdrawal issues.



  • Comparatively low costs for other exchanges
  • 25% off trading fees if you pay with Binance Coin
  • Available educational resources
  • Verification of identity
  • A tax statement preparation portal for cryptocurrency taxes


  • Not accessible in every state
  • Minimum trade of $10
  • Site navigation can be challenging
  • lack of security knowledge
  • Examining regulatory history
  • limited alternatives for customer service

KuCoin Vs Binance: Which is Better?

KuCoin Vs Binance Which is Better

KuCoin exchange and Binance exchange each have certain characteristics .So, which of the two is better? Let’s compare them and find out.



  • Discover the Auto-Rebalance feature: The Auto-Rebalance has two settings: (1) by coin ratio, and (2) by time. The automatic rebalancing will begin when the predetermined threshold and interval have been reached. The user has the option to activate or deactivate the “Auto-Rebalance” button throughout the activity time
  • Spot Grid Trading works by dividing an investor’s investment into many Grids (grids) with orders of increasing and decreasing value and then automatically buying or selling at a predetermined price.
  • Futures Grid Trading is a combination of Grid Trading and Futures. This method will protect the investor from the rising or falling volatility of the market. The Bots will operate according to the pre-configured and customized parameters programmatically.
  • Smart Rebalance is a good strategy for long-term investors. Smart Rebalance Bot works by ensuring that a percentage is allocated to the cryptocurrencies in the list. Your investment portfolio is maintained stable.


  • Binance Earn is a mechanism for depositing stablecoins with the exchange in order to stake them or earn interest. The exchange provides investors with a variety of alternatives and interest rates for these coins, depending on the coin and the tenure.
  • A Binance Visa Card credit card enables customers to exchange their bitcoin for fiat money and then use that money to buy goods and services. Although there are no administrative fees associated with the conversion, third-party expenses in payment network fees exist.
  • With the use of the Binance Smart Pool, miners can move between various cryptocurrencies to maximize and increase their mining profits.
  • Binance Labs is dedicated to supporting promising startups in the pre-ICO stage. It supports meritorious cryptocurrency project teams by offering the necessary funds for development, advising resources, and a launchpad for any required listing and fundraising activities.
  • Hosting platform for new and developing blockchain projects and API interfaces. 64 projects had been launched as of July 2023.

Supported Currencies

The top cryptocurrencies on KuCoin and Binance as of this writing, ranked by market

Some available Coins on :

  • Binance exchange: BNB, DOGE, XRP, ETH, USDT, ADA, LTC, LINK and more than 600 tokens.
  • KuCoin exchange : BTC, DOT, ADA, ETH and a variety of about 400 coins.

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Staking, Credit Cards, Other Options


KuCoin Binance
Pool-X is KuCoin’s Staking system. Unlike the Staking features on other exchanges, Pool-X allows you to Staking assets, and at the same time can buy and sell assets after this Staking. Binance Staking is based on the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which means that the operation is conducted on the blockchain through the use of smart contracts.

Credit Cards


Developed a Visa card associated with Binance that allows users to pay and use the services of 60 million merchants globally. This card is free to issue, free of management or purchase fees, and can get up to 8% cashback.

This is one of the rare outstanding advantages of Binance compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges.


Supported credit, debit, and pre-paid cards issued by VISA and MasterCard. Only purchases made with a bank card (Visa or MC) qualify for the 0 payment costs. The Visa or MasterCard bank card deposit is excluded.

Other Options


Obtain a whitelist to receive tailored lock-up time, interest rate, and deposit cap.

With Margin, you may borrow up to $10 million and more at lower interest rates, and depending on your borrowing volume, you could also get up to $1 million in Margin 0% Interest Vouchers.

For the security of your fund and the confidentiality of your trading techniques, select one of three types of sub-accounts with different access and control restrictions.


VIP users’ spot/futures trading costs are determined by their 30-day trading volume and minimum KCS holding.

Fee for the Spot/Futures Market Maker. a unique pricing scheme for market makers. For the first month, newly registered market makers are excluded from the trading volume evaluation.

Get a 20% discount when you pay your trading cost using KCS.



KuCoin provides industry-standard security measures and KYC verification. Users must enter this password in addition to their standard login credentials. It offers additional security and is a rare security feature found on crypto exchanges.


  • Binance advises enabling two-factor authentication in order to protect your account and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Cold Wallet Storage System: Binance stores over 95% of its funds in multi-signature cold storage wallets for better security and hacker protection.
  • Authorization of Withdrawals: A member of the Binance team personally authorizes and authenticates each withdrawal request.
  • Best-in-Class Technology: Binance uses technologies like SSL encryption and IP safelisting to boost the security of its platform.

Geographic Availability

  • Binance: Most nations in the world, including Canada, the UK, Germany, Canada, India, Italy, and Spain, offer Binance. Binance received regulatory permission in France in May 2023, opening the door for the business to offer services related to digital assets there. However, in recent times, Binance has encountered legal issues in certain nations, including: some US states, the UK, Japan, The EU, Germany, South Korea, China.
  • KuCoin: With a global reach of more than 200 countries with 10 million users such as: HongKong, China,..


Fees for Binance and KuCoin both begin at 0.1%. As your trading tier increases, the fee % reduces.


  • Higher-tiered: users of KuCoin pay fees that are extremely competitive and have a more aggressive tier structure. KuCoin is a definite winner if you plan to trade in huge volumes and advance through the tiers.
  • KuCoin gives token payouts equal to 50% of trading profits.


  • No deposit fees are charged by Binance, and withdrawal fees vary by asset. Fees on the platform are paid with the Binance token. Binance’s fee structure is superior to KuCoin’s if you anticipate being a tiny trader who stays in the lower tiers.
  • Binance taker fee is higher than KuCoin’s.

Ease of Use

  • KuCoin: The KuCoin exchange is very easy to use. The interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. There are no complicated features or menus. The exchange is also very fast and responsive.
  • Binance: A particularly user-friendly exchange is Binance. Both novices and experts may utilize them thanks to their user-friendly UI.The site is accessible to users worldwide thanks to its availability in numerous languages. The exchange on Binance is considerably simpler to use thanks to its mobile app.

Interest Rates


By staking your coins, Binance.US offers you the opportunity to earn incentives. Rates vary depending on the denomination, but are often between 0.5% and 10%: Vechain Staking Rewards, XTZ Staking, ATOM Staking, ALGO Staking, QTUM, EOS, ONE, and more.

For customers outside of the United States, Binance offers DeFi staking and Locked Staking. For storing your coins for predetermined lengths of time—in this case, 15, 30, or 90 days—locked staking offers higher interest rates.

The interest rates on a selection of 64 locked staking and 11 total DeFi staking coins range from 1.49% to 33.12%. The coins you decide to invest in and the fixed term will affect your rate.

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Even though it varies by coin and demand, the interest you’ll make by lending out your cryptocurrency is higher than you’d make with a conventional savings account. You can make, on average, 8% to 12%, according to KuCoin.

At a Glance

KuCoin Binance
Fees Maker-taker model with tiered fees ranging up to 0.10% Spot trading costs of 0.10% and debit card transactions of 4.5 %
Security industry-standard security measures and KYC verification. Two-step verification, FDIC-insured USD balances up to $250,000, cold storage, and insurance against theft or fraud
Wallet industry-standard multilayer encryption, and micro-withdrawal wallets. Allowlisting, Secure Enclave, AES-256 encryption, and biometric authentication
Years established 2017 2017
Buy/ Deposit methods debit/credit card Credit card, debit card, wire transfer, bank transfer (SWIFT)
Fial trading Yes Yes (Stablecoins only)



How Do Binance and KuCoin Work?

Both sites serve as an online cryptocurrency brokerage. To buy, sell, or exchange digital currencies, users deposit fiat currency. In both situations, you’ll register an account, confirm your email, and contribute money using a legitimate manner.

Is It Safe to Hold Cryptocurrency in the Binance or KuCoin Exchanges?

Although some of the finest cryptocurrency exchanges include Binance and KuCoin, consumers are advised to save money in a hardware wallet instead for the long term. Binance and KuCoin both insure their hot storage, using your own cold storage using a hardware wallet may be safer.

Who Should Use Binance or KuCoin?

Beginners who value convenience and security should use KuCoin. Experienced investors looking for cutting-edge trading choices and a wealth of statistics to support their tactical decisions may choose Binance.

Which One Should You Choose?

Both exchanges offer a variety of features and benefits that may appeal to different types of users. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which exchange is right for them.


In general, Binance and KuCoin are both multi-functional, reputable, and transparent cryptocurrency exchanges. The only thing that sets KuCoin apart from Binance is probably the free trading bot feature and crypto lending platform that is more active between lenders and borrowers. Meanwhile, Binance only allows users to lend to the Binance exchange itself.

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