What is Daron Acemoglu Net Worth 2023: Top Economist, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Daron Acemoglu Net Worth 2023 Top Economist, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Have you ever wondered about the wizards behind our economic theories and policies? Let’s pull back the curtain on Daron Acemoglu, a top economist known worldwide. In this comprehensive profile by Covemarkets, we’ll delve into Daron Acemoglu Net Worth, biography, personal life, and more.

Quick Facts

Full NameDaron Acemoglu
Popular NameDaron
Birth DateSeptember 3, 1967
Age55 years
ParentsKevork Acemoglu (father), Irma (mother)
Birth PlaceIstanbul, Turkey
EducationLondon School of Economics, University of York, University of Oxford
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseAsuman Ozdaglar
Net WorthUndisclosed
Source of WealthAcademia, Authorship

What is Daron Acemoglu’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Daron Acemoglu's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

In 2023, Daron Acemoglu has an estimated ⁤net worth of $5⁣ million. His wealth⁣ primarily⁢ comes from his successful career as an economist and academic.‌

Acemoglu has published ‍influential research papers and authored several books that have garnered⁣ widespread recognition and acclaim ⁣within⁣ the economic community. Additionally, ⁢he​ has ‍held esteemed teaching‍ positions at prestigious institutions, further contributing‍ to his net worth.

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Why is Daron Acemoglu Famous?

Daron Acemoglu is renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to the field of​ economics, particularly in economic development and political economy.

His research focuses ​on understanding the factors that shape ‌the wealth and ⁤poverty of nations, as well as the role of⁤ political and economic‌ institutions in driving economic⁣ outcomes.⁤

Acemoglu’s‌ work has shed light on‍ the importance of inclusive institutions in fostering economic​ prosperity, ​challenging long-held theories, and shaping ‍contemporary understanding.

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Daron Acemoglu Biography

Daron Acemoglu Biography

Early Life

Daron Acemoglu was born on September 3, 1967, in Istanbul, Turkey. He’s an Armenian, a descendant of survivors of the Armenian genocide. Acemoglu’s early life was shaped by his parents, Irma, an educator, and Kevork, a lawyer.


Acemoglu began his educational journey at the Galatasaray High School in Istanbul. He then moved to the UK for further studies, earning his B.A. in economics from the University of York. He continued at the London School of Economics for his M.Sc. and later, the University of Oxford for his Ph.D.

Career and Awards

Acemoglu’s academic contributions span various areas, including economic development, economic growth, technological change, inequality, labor economics, and the economics of networks.

He has authored hundreds of papers, many of which are co-authored with his long-time collaborators Simon Johnson and James A. Robinson.

Together with Robinson, he penned the influential books “Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy” (2006) and “Why Nations Fail” (2012), both of which have had a significant impact on the understanding of political economy.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of economics, Acemoglu has received numerous awards and honors. Notably, he was awarded the John Bates Clark Medal in 2005, a prestigious recognition given to economists under forty who have significantly contributed to economic thought and knowledge.

Additionally, he has been conferred honorary degrees from several universities, including Utrecht University, Bosporus University, and Bilkent University. His remarkable achievements and contributions have made many consider him a prospective laureate for the Nobel Prize in Economics.

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Personal Life

On the personal front, Acemoglu is happily married to Asuman Ozdaglar, a professor at MIT. They are proud parents of two children. Although a public figure, Acemoglu has kept his personal life relatively private.

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Social Media Accounts

FAQs about Daron Acemoglu

FAQs about Daron Acemoglu

What ‌is ⁣Daron Acemoglu’s⁤ main area of ⁤research?

Daron Acemoglu is known for his research on ⁣economic development and political economy.

Has Daron ⁣Acemoglu authored any books?

Yes, Acemoglu ‍has authored several ⁣influential books, including “Why⁤ Nations Fail” and “The Narrow Corridor.”

Is Daron Acemoglu ⁤active on social media?

Yes, Acemoglu maintains a strong ⁣presence on platforms like‌ Twitter, Instagram, ⁢and ⁣LinkedIn.


Daron Acemoglu’s contributions to the field of economics have been monumental. His insights and theories have helped shape economic policies globally.

Despite fame and success, he remains grounded and dedicated to his family, work, and students. Here at Covemarkets, we celebrate Acemoglu’s contributions to economics and academia.

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