What is Joseph Safra Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Joseph Safra Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Joseph Safra, the Lebanese-Brazilian billionaire banker, was renowned for his exceptional business acumen and impressive net worth.  As ‌the‌ patriarch of the ⁣Safra family, ⁣he has built⁢ an empire that has solidified⁢ his⁤ position as one of the ⁤wealthiest⁤ individuals in the world.⁢

In this article, we will explore Joseph Safra net worth ⁤and ⁢delve into his life, achievements,⁢ and contributions to society.

Quick Facts

Full NameJoseph Safra
Popular NameJoseph Safra
Birth Date1 September 1938 – 10 December 2020
Birth PlaceBeirut, Lebanon
EthnicitySephardic Jewish
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationUnavailable
Wife/SpouseVicky Sarfati
Children4 (Esther, David, Alberto, and Jacob Safra)
DatingNot Applicable
Net Worth$25 billion
Source of WealthBanking

What is ‌Joseph Safra Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Joseph Safra Net Worth and Salary in 2023

Joseph Safra’s net worth in 2023 is an astounding $25 billion, a testament to his remarkable success in the banking industry. Throughout his career, he amassed significant wealth through his various ventures, including his ownership of Banco Safra, which is the sixth-largest private bank in Brazil.

Why ​is Joseph Safra ​Famous?

Joseph Safra gained fame and recognition as a prominent figure in the banking world. His expertise and strategic investments propelled him to become one of the richest individuals globally. Additionally, his philanthropic endeavors and contributions to Jewish causes further solidified his reputation as a respected and influential figure.

Joseph Safra Biography Overview

Joseph Safra Overview

Early Life

Joseph Safra was born on September 1, 1938 and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, to a family of Sephardic Jewish background. The Safra family had a long history in banking, dating back to their involvement in caravan trade during the Ottoman Empire.

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In 1952, the Safra family relocated to Brazil, where Joseph would later establish his banking empire.

Career and Awards

Joseph Safra, a Swiss-based Lebanese Brazilian banker and billionaire businessman, was the driving force behind the Brazilian banking and investment empire, Safra Group. His career was marked by shrewd investments and strategic decisions that allowed his banking company to grow exponentially.

Safra’s banking empire began with the founding of Banco Safra in 1955. Over the years, he expanded his business to include over $325 billion assets under management in over 25 countries. The Sao Paulo-based flagship, Banco Safra, reported equity of 18.3 billion reais ($3.6 billion) in 2022.

In addition to banking, Safra also ventured into real estate. His family acquired more than a dozen properties in the United States, primarily in New York City. They also own a portfolio of commercial real estate in Brazil.

Joseph Safra Career

In 2014, Safra paid more than £700 million to buy The Gherkin, one of the most distinctive towers in the City of London.

Safra was not just a businessman but also a philanthropist. He donated a significant amount of money through his foundation, the Edmond J. Safra Foundation, to charities all across the globe.

He was deeply involved in Jewish community affairs, funding health, education, and charity projects, and paying for the construction of synagogues and community centers.

In recent news, a dispute over Joseph Safra’s fortune has emerged within the family. His son, Alberto Safra, sued his mother and two siblings in 2023, accusing them of purposely diluting his stake in a holding company of Safra National Bank in an effort to oust him from the family empire. The family rejected Alberto’s claims and expressed regret over his actions.

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Despite the ongoing family dispute, Joseph Safra’s legacy as a successful banker and philanthropist continues to be celebrated. His astute decision-making and business acumen have left an indelible mark on the banking industry, making him one of the most respected figures in the field.

Personal Life

Joseph Safra was a family-oriented man, married to Vicky Sarfati, with whom he had four children: Esther, David, Alberto, and Jacob. The Safra family worked together in managing their businesses, with the three sons playing key roles in running their prominent banking establishment in New York.

Joseph Safra died on 10 December 2020 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the age of 82. He had Parkinson’s disease

Social Media Accounts

As of now, there is no information available about Joseph Safra’s social media accounts.

FAQs ⁣about Joseph Safra

FAQs about Joseph Safra

What is Banco Safra?

Banco Safra is a Brazilian bank that Joseph Safra was closely associated with. He was known for his ownership and leadership of the bank, which is one of the largest banks in Brazil.

Was Joseph Safra involved in philanthropy?

Joseph Safra was known for his philanthropic efforts. He supported various charitable causes and initiatives, particularly in the fields of healthcare, education, and culture.

What is Joseph Safra’s legacy?

Joseph Safra’s legacy is characterized by his impact on the banking industry, his significant wealth, and his philanthropic endeavors. He was regarded as one of the most influential individuals in the financial world.


Joseph Safra’s remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the wealthiest individuals in the world is a testament to his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. With a net worth of $25 billion, Safra’s legacy as a banking legend and philanthropist will continue to inspire future generations. Thank you for reading.

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