What is Nathaniel Philip Rothschild Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More.

What is Nathaniel Philip Rothschild Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More.

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild ​is a ⁤renowned British-born ⁣financier and‌ heir to one of the⁤ wealthiest and most influential families in the world. Born into⁣ the​ prestigious Rothschild clan, he has carved his path​ in the world of finance and investments, amassing an impressive net worth ⁣along the way.

This article delves into Nathaniel Philip Rothschild net worth, highlighting his early life, career achievements, personal life, and addressing frequently asked questions about this influential figure.

Quick Facts

Full NameNathaniel Philip Rothschild
Popular NameNathaniel Rothschild
Birth DateJuly 12, 1971
EducationColet Court, Eton College, Wadham College, Oxford
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/SpouseLoretta Basey
Net Worth$1 billion (2023)
Source of WealthInvestments, business ventures

What is Nathaniel Philip Rothschild Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Nathaniel Philip Rothschild Net Worth and Salary 2023

As of 2023, Nathaniel Philip Rothschild’s one of the richest net worth stands at an impressive $1 billion. His wealth is derived from his diverse investment portfolio, which includes holdings in companies such as Volex plc, a UK-listed manufacturer, and various property developments in Eastern Europe.

While the exact net worth of the Rothschild family is difficult to ascertain, some sources estimate their combined wealth to be around $400 billion.

Why is Nathaniel Philip Rothschild⁢ Famous?

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild is ​famous for being a member ‍of the Rothschild banking family, one of the most esteemed and influential families in the history of finance. His family’s ⁣legacy dates ⁢back to the 18th century, and their banking empire has played a crucial role in shaping ⁢global finance and international politics.

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Nathaniel himself has made a name for himself⁤ as a successful investor and has been involved in various business ventures, further adding to his fame and⁢ recognition in the financial world.

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild Biography Overview

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild Overview

Early⁣ Life

Born on July 12, 1971, Nathaniel Philip Rothschild hails from a family with a rich history in banking and finance. He received a comprehensive education, attending prestigious institutions such as Colet Court, Eton College, and Wadham College, Oxford.

Rothschild’s academic pursuits culminated in an MSc degree in Addiction Studies from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.

Career ⁤and Awards

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild Career

Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild is a British-born financier and a prominent member of the illustrious Rothschild family. He embarked on his career in 1994 at Lazard Brothers Asset Management in London, before transitioning to Gleacher Partners, a New York-based mergers and acquisitions firm.

Over the years, Rothschild has held several significant positions, including Co-Chairman at En+ Group International PJSC, Atticus Capital LP, and Vallar Ltd., as well as Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director at Asia Resource Minerals Ltd.

He also served as Vice Chairman at Atticus Management LLC (Investment Management) and Non-Executive Director at Vallares.

Rothschild’s career has been marked by strategic investments and business ventures. He was a cornerstone investor in the United Company RUSAL initial public offering in January 2010 and bought $40 million of Glencore bonds convertible into shares upon an IPO.

His principal investment company, NR Investments Ltd., is the largest shareholder of Volex, a Manchester-based electrical cable maker. Additionally, he has interests in property developments in Eastern Europe, including Montenegro, Romania, and Ukraine.

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In 2000, Rothschild became the chairman of Vivarte, a pan-European retailer, following NR Atticus’s acquisition of a 32.9% stake. He led the group through its successful restructuring and subsequent sale to PAI Partners, a French private equity firm, in 2004.

He also served as an alternate director of RIT Capital Partners plc in March 2000, becoming a full non-executive director in 2004 until 2010.

Rothschild’s career has also seen him involved in various investment vehicles. In July 2010, Vallar Plc, a Jersey-incorporated investment vehicle he founded, raised £707.2 million in an Initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange.

In June 2011, he listed a successor vehicle to Vallar called Vallares on the London Stock Exchange, raising $2.2 billion. This new entity was focused on acquiring oil & gas assets and announced a 50/50 all stock merger with Turkish Energy Champion Genel Energy, valued at $4.2 billion, in September 2011.

Despite some controversies, Rothschild has continued to be a significant figure in the world of finance and investment. Today, he serves as the chairman of Volex plc, a UK-listed manufacturer, and continues to manage a wide range of international business interests.

Personal Life

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild’s personal life is marked by his marriage to Loretta Basey, a former model, in Switzerland in August 2016. The couple resides in Klosters, Switzerland, where they enjoy a tranquil lifestyle. Rothschild’s passion for yachting is evident through his ownership of the yacht “Planet Nine,” a luxurious vessel known for its opulence and elegance.

Social Media Accounts

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild is not known for ‍actively maintaining public social media accounts.‍ He ‌prioritizes privacy and prefers to keep his​ personal life away from the public eye.

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FAQs about Nathaniel Philip Rothschild

FAQs about Nathaniel Philip Rothschild

What is the history of the Rothschild family?

The Rothschild family traces its roots back to the 15th century, but their banking dynasty was established in the late 18th century by Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

Over time, the family expanded their banking enterprise into a multinational corporation and diversified their investments across various industries.

How did Nathaniel Philip Rothschild amass his wealth?

Rothschild’s wealth stems from his involvement in NR Investments Ltd., his principal investment company. Through strategic investments in companies like Volex plc and participation in initial public offerings, he has generated substantial returns. Additionally, his interest in property developments in Eastern Europe has contributed to his financial success.

What philanthropic endeavors is Nathaniel Philip Rothschild involved in?

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild is known for his philanthropic efforts, supporting various charitable causes and organizations. His contributions aim to address social issues, promote education, and foster sustainable development.


Nathaniel Philip Rothschild’s remarkable journey as a financier and philanthropist has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the world of finance. With a net worth of $1 billion in 2023, Rothschild’s success can be attributed to his strategic investments, astute business decisions, and commitment to philanthropy. As he continues to make an impact in the financial industry, his legacy as a member of the esteemed Rothschild family remains intact. Thank you for reading.

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