What is Ravenel Curry Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Ravenel Curry Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Ravenel B. Curry III is a renowned American businessman and philanthropist who has made significant contributions to the world of investment management and charitable causes. With a successful career spanning several decades, Curry has established himself as a prominent figure in the financial industry.

This article will delve into Ravenel Curry Net Worth and salary in 2023, his rise to fame, his early life, career achievements, personal life, and answer some frequently asked questions about this remarkable individual.

Quick Facts

Full NameRavenel B. Curry III
Popular NameRavenel B. Curry III
Birth DateNot available
AgeNot available
ParentsNot available
SiblingsNot available
Birth PlaceGreenwood, South Carolina
EthnicityNot available
EducationFurman University
Marital StatusNot available
Sexual OrientationNot available
Wife/SpouseNot available
ChildrenNot available
DatingNot available
Net Worth$506,000
Source of WealthEagle Capital Management
HeightApproximately 1.75m

What is Ravenel Curry Net Worth and Salary‍ in 2023?

What is Ravenel Curry Net Worth and Salary in 2023

As of August 2023, Ravenel B. Curry III’s net worth is estimated to be $506,000. This impressive figure reflects his success as the President and Co-founder of Eagle Capital Management, LLC, an investment firm he established in 1988 with his late wife, Beth Rivers Curry. Throughout his career, Curry has demonstrated exceptional financial acumen, leading to the growth of Eagle Capital Management into a $25 billion investment powerhouse.

Why is‌ Ravenel Curry Famous?

Ravenel B. Curry III gained fame and recognition through his outstanding contributions to the field of investment management. As the co-chief investment officer of Eagle Capital Management, he has played a pivotal role in creating an environment that fosters original research and rigorous valuation discipline. His commitment to long-term investment decisions has earned him a stellar reputation within the industry.

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Biography Overview

Early Life

Ravenel B. Curry III was born in Greenwood, South Carolina. He grew up in a nurturing environment that instilled in him the values of hard work, determination, and philanthropy. Curry graduated from Furman University in 1963

Career and Awards

Ravenel Curry overview

Ravenel B. Curry III is a prominent figure in the world of investment and philanthropy. He began his journey as a security analyst at Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, later becoming a partner at H.C. Wainwright and a Portfolio Manager of the Duke Endowment. In 1988, he co-founded Eagle Capital Management, an investment management firm based in New York City, with his late wife Beth Curry.

Throughout his career, Curry has held several prestigious positions. He has served as a Trustee of Furman University, President of the Furman University Alumni Board, and Chair of the New Jersey Higher Education Assistance Authority.

Currently, he holds the position of President and CIO at Eagle Capital Management. His leadership has been instrumental in shaping the firm’s ethos of original, thoughtful research and rigorous valuation discipline driving long-term investment decisions.

Curry’s contributions extend beyond the realm of business. He is a dedicated philanthropist, having pledged to donate 99% of his wealth. His philanthropic investments primarily focus on poverty eradication, high-quality education, medical and scientific research, and government policy research. He also supports programs that promote individul freedom, economic liberty, and personal responsibility.

Curry’s dedication to both his professional and philanthropic endeavors has earned him significant recognition. In 2017, he received a major honor from the Manhattan Institute.

He also sits on the Board of Trustees of several esteemed institutions, including the American Enterprise Institute, the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, The Duke Endowment, and the New York Hall of Science. His commitment to making a difference in society continues to inspire many.

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Personal ⁢Life

He married Elizabeth Rivers Curry (née Mary Elizabeth Rivers) (1941-2015) in 1963

Social Media​ Accounts

As of now, there is no information available about Ravenel Curry’s social media accounts.

FAQs about Ravenel Curry

FAQs about Ravenel Curry

What is Ravenel B. Curry III’s height?

According to available information, Ravenel B. Curry III’s height is approximately 1.75m.

Who is Ravenel B. Curry III’s partner?

As of now, the identity of Ravenel B. Curry III’s current partner is not publicly known.


Ravenel Curry’s success story serves as⁣ an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. Through⁤ his ⁣determination, strategic⁤ thinking, and ‍ability to seize opportunities, Curry has built a thriving⁤ business empire and accumulated⁣ a substantial net⁤ worth. His impressive achievements in various industries have established him as a prominent figure in the business world. Curry’s⁢ dedication to innovation, philanthropy, and sharing his knowledge with others ⁤make him ⁢a true role model for those looking to make their mark on the entrepreneurial landscape. Thank you for reading.

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